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  • July 2022
  • 30 minutes

Immunotherapy: Transforming Cancer Survival

  • Dr. Radhika (Radi) Counsell
  • Dr. John J. Lefebre
  • Dr. Sheetal Salgaonkar
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Immunotherapy works by enhancing the immune system rather than directly attacking cancer cells. RGA’s clinical oncologist, Dr. Radi Counsell, discusses how modern approaches to immunotherapy are transforming cancer survival rates for individuals fighting aggressive cancers.

In addition, Dr. Counsell will examine the underwriting and claims adjudication implications.



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Meet the Authors & Experts

Dr. Radhika Counsell
Dr. Radhika (Radi) Counsell
Consulting Medical Officer, RGA UK
Dr. John J. Lefebre
Vice President and Senior Global Medical Director, Global Medical 
Dr. Sheetal Salgaonkar
Dr. Sheetal Salgaonkar
Vice President and Medical Director, Global Medical