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Could Underwritten Annuities work for Japan?

Japan annuity long

Longer lives, asset needs and medical advances are three of the main ingredients currently generating an unprecedented demand, in Asia as well as around the world, for insurance products that can provide lifetime asset and income protection.

Mr Greg M Goodfliesh of RGA Reinsurance Company Japan Branch and Mr Peter Banthorpe of RGA UK Services Limited, explore the concept of Underwritten Annuity, a popular hit in the UK, and its applicability as a useful and appropriate product for ageing Japan.

Reprinted with permission of The Asia Insurance Review (AIR)

Could underwritten annuities work for Japan

The Authors

  • Gregory M. Goodfliesh
    Vice President
  • Peter Banthorpe
    Managing Director
    RGA UK
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  • aging Asia
  • Asia market
  • asset intensive
  • capital-motivated
  • Critical Illness
  • financial
  • financial reinsurance
  • impaired lives
  • insurance product
  • insurance product design
  • longevity
  • Long-Term Care
  • LTC
  • medical advances
  • pension risk transfer
  • PRT
  • senior lives
  • senior market