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Get the Facts about Group Disability Claims Appeals

The RGA Group Disability Claims Appeals Survey is a first-ever review of common practices and challenges in group claims appeals management. 

RGA's survey of 12 major group insurance carriers in the U.S. highlights intriguing trends in appeals management, from how insurers are organizing operations to comply with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) to common approaches to artificial intelligence. To learn more about U.S. Group Re, contact us here.

Infographic Group Disability Appeals
Download "Group Disability Claims Appeals Infographic"

The Authors

  • Marie-Julie Allaire
    Senior Group Claims Consultant
    RGA Canada
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  • Kari Briscoe
    Director, Claims Consultant
    U.S. Group Reinsurance
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  • Jill Underhill
    Director, Claims Consultant
    U.S. Group Reinsurance
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  • Kathy Thiesen
    Survey and Research Services

    U.S. Group Reinsurance
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Get the facts about group disability claims appeals from a first-ever survey of common practices and challenges. Learn more about U.S. Group Re and contact us here.
Download "Group Disability Claims Appeals Infographic"
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