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ReFlections Spring 2009


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The first article in this issue of ReFlections provides valuable insight into sleep apnea, a common diagnosis noted during the process of underwriting. The article discusses in detail the complexity of this condition and its impact on mortality. 
The second article deals with the use of pharmacy checks. It discusses both the benefits and potential risks of utilizing easily obtainable prescription records during the underwriting process.

ReFlections is RGA’s underwriting newsletter, written by RGA experts. It presents underwriters and medical directors with timely, in-depth information to assist with underwriting. 

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The Authors

  • Dr. Sharylee Barnes
    Vice President and
    Medical Director

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  • Dr. Carl Holowaty
    Senior Vice President
    Chief Medical Director (ret.)
Download "ReFlections Spring 2009"
  • disruptive
  • drug severity classification
  • medical innovation
  • mortality assumptions
  • mortality experience
  • mortality trends
  • pharmacy checks
  • pharmacy database
  • pharmacy record
  • prescription records