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​Traffic Fatalities' Heavy Toll

Causes and Prevention

Fatalities 1

According to the World Health Organization, “traffic fatalities attract less mass media attention than less frequent types of tragedy.” This is in spite of the fact that traffic fatalities and injuries continue to take a huge toll in the U.S. and are rapidly surging worldwide, which has turned them into a leading cause of death internationally.

This article will attempt to explain the reasons for this growing peril, consider ways of significantly reducing it and focus attention on this important problem confronting us all.

Reprinted with permission of ON THE RISK, Journal of the Academy of Life Underwriting (

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The Author

  • Glen D. Preston
    Director, Underwriting (ret.)

    RGA Reinsurance Company


Traffic fatalities continue to rise in the US and globally; this article examines causes and consequences. 
Download "​Traffic Fatalities Heavy Toll"
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