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Updates in Cerebrovascular Disease​​​​

Medical Surgery

While overall stroke incidence and case fatality rates are decreasing, cerebrovascular disease remains an exceedingly important but rapidly changing cause of mortality and an even more important cause of disability.

The intent of the article is to review many of the most common but complex challenges in the underwriting of stroke, including discriminating TIA from its many mimics, addressing the increasing incidence of stroke in younger individuals, and reviewing basic principles in the evaluation of carotid stenting and cerebral aneurysm.

Reprinted with permission of ON THE RISK, Journal of the Academy of Life Underwriting (
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The Author

  • Dr. Dave Rengachary
    Senior Vice President and 
    Chief Medical Director

    U.S. Mortality Markets
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The underwriting of cerebrovascular disease very often has as its basis an overall assessment of the proposed insured’s cardiovascular profile combined with characteristics of the stroke itself.
Download "Updates in Cerebrovascular Disease​​​​"
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