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A Day in the Life of a Medical Director

Q&A with Dr. Valerie Kaufman

Digital transformation continues to drive profound change in insurance, but progress comes at a price: As insurers seek to accelerate underwriting and bridge staffing shortages, complex, high substandard cases can pose an increasing challenge. In this competitive environment, expert risk assessment from a medical director gains increasing importance.

RGA made the rounds with Dr. Valerie Kaufman, RGA Vice President and Medical Director for U.S. Mortality Markets, to demystify what medical directors do and learn why investing in medical review matters. To learn more about RGA’s medical expertise and support services, contact us at

The Presenter

  • Dr. Valerie Kaufman
    Vice President and
    Medical Director

    U.S. Mortality Markets


Curious about RGA’s SUP MD Program?

Contact us at to learn how SUP medical directors can provide support during peak periods, from the summer vacation season to the year-end production crunch. Experienced RGA physicians provide medical underwriting assistance, review attending physician statements, interpret EKGs, handle complex case referrals, and much more, so that insurers can sustain underwriting quality.
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