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Anticipating Infectious Disease Impacts in an Increasingly Globalized World

New infectious diseases are emerging faster today than ever before, just as many known diseases are reemerging. In an increasingly globalized world, tomorrow’s epidemics could infect millions and have vast health and economic consequences.

This webcast will cover what we currently know about emerging global infectious diseases, reflecting on events from the 1918 Spanish flu to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. We will also discuss what tools are available to help the insurance industry better plan for and respond to tomorrow’s inevitable epidemics. 

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The Presenters

  • Carl Holowaty, M.D.
    Senior Vice President
    Chief Medical Director (ret.)
  • Kamran Khan, M.D.
    Clinician-Scientist, Division of Infectious Diseases
    St. Michael's Hospital
    Associate Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases 
    University of Toronto 
    Founder, Blue Dot
  • AIDS
  • antimicrobial resistance
  • avian flu
  • big data
  • climate change
  • demographic trends
  • Ebola
  • globalization
  • HIV
  • infectious disease
  • influenza
  • zika virus