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Digital Transformation: What are companies doing today to prepare for tomorrow?

Digital distribution is both a challenge and an opportunity for life and health insurers.


Today, many are considering the potential benefits of digital partnerships with start-ups as a way to enable and advance their digital strategies.

Olav Cuiper and Jaqui Wassenaar from RGA EMEA host a discussion with a panel of start-ups all focused on enabling digital distribution models in the life insurance space. The panel includes Tariq Valente of Surfly, Michael Dritsas of vlot, and Nicola Breyer of OptioPay. Each showcase their efforts in the digital space and opportunities they see to inspire the industry’s digital transformation journey.

The Presenters

  • Olav Cuiper
    Executive Vice President,
    Chief Client Officer
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  • Jaqui Wassenaar
    Vice President
    Head of Market Development
  • Tariq Valente
    Vice President, Sales
  • Michael Dritsas
    vlot Ltd.
  • Nicola Breyer
    Chief Growth Officer


RGA is ready to help you expand your current distribution toolset. Contact us to explore product innovations from around the world.
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