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New Approaches to Old Problems: Bringing Technology to Treatment in Psychiatry

In the treatment of mental illnesses, there are a variety of evidence-based therapy options. 


These include various forms of talking treatments, behavioral therapy, medicines, physical, and technology-based techniques. Some are controversial, while others are novel, and none are fully understood, even by medical experts. 

Psychiatrist A/Prof Newman Harris, Chief Medical Officer for RGA Australia, provides a brief overview of the history of such strategies to date, discusses recently introduced technological interventions for mental illness, and previews other treatments which are in the early stages of development. 

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The Presenter

  • Dr. Newman Harris

    Consultant Psychiatrist and Chief Medical Officer
    RGA Australia 
    Associate Professor
    Griffith University School of Medicine
    Senior Visiting Medical Officer
    Pain Management and Research Institute of the University of Sydney and Royal North Shore Hospital
    Senior Staff Specialist in Pain Management
    Gold Coast University Hospital



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