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Opioid Addiction and Its Impact on Actuarial Science

Amid the global focus on the COVID-19 pandemic, the opioid epidemic has continued to worsen.

Join Dr. James Kim, Medical Director at the Centers for Pain Management in Brampton, Ontario, and Gayle Kanchanapume, Executive Director, RGA Global Claims, as they discuss the global opioid epidemic and its effects both on society and on insurance. 

Learn about the alarming rise in opioid use and addiction worldwide. Explore the far-reaching impacts of the global opioid epidemic, and hear insights from experts, including advice for risk managers.

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The Presenters

  • Gayle Kanchanapume
    Executive Director
    Global Claims
    Value Added Specialist

    RGA Australia
  • Dr. James Kim
    Medical Director
    Centers for Pain Management


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