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Behavioral Science

RGA's expert local and global teams bring shared knowledge to our client partners.

Combining decades of insight primarily from psychology, economics, and neuroscience, it has uncovered what truly drives human behavior, so we can better predict and influence it. But how can life and health insurers access and apply this knowledge?

At RGA, a dedicated team helps clients utilize behavioral science to create products, policies, and communications based on how people really do think and behave rather than how we believe they should think and behave.



RGA's team of behavioral scientists offers research, training, and product development consulting. Our expertise, experience, and evidence-base also powers the proprietary I.N.S.U.R.E. M.E. model, an initiative that behaviorally optimizes insurance solutions from concept to launch, or at any point in between.

Whether the challenge relates to selling life insurance in non-traditional channels, increasing the honesty and accuracy of application disclosures, or increasing consumer engagement, RGA takes an evidence-based approach to more effectively understand, predict and influence behavior.

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  • Matt Battersby2

    Matt Battersby

    Vice President, Chief Behavioural Scientist
    Global Data and Analytics
  • Peter Hovard

    Peter Hovard, Ph.D.

    Lead Behavioural Scientist
    Global Data and Analytics