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The diverse nationalities and languages in RGA Canada’s Montréal office create an exceptional working environment that stimulates, challenges, and inspires team members. This team has helped make RGA a market leader and continues to balance product innovations with ongoing client focus across an array of life and health business segments. Outside the office, employees enjoy famous restaurants, memorable festivals, and an exceptional arts scene. Join this close-knit team and be inspired by our global city.

A bustling international office in Toronto.


Work at the crossroads of commerce and culture in Toronto, home to both the RGA Canada and RGA International teams. The mix of nationalities and languages create an exceptional, globally-focused working environment. Here, assumptions are challenged, new ideas are tested, and products and services are refined to meet the highest standards. Everyone has a voice and all input matters. Away from the offices, RGA team members can enjoy global cultures and experiences simply by walking through Toronto’s diverse neighbourhoods. Come to a world-class city; join a world-class team.