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  • November 2023
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How Credit Data Enhances Mortality Risk Prediction: A new study by RGA

  • Hezhong (Mark) Ma
  • Guizhou Hu
  • Taylor Pickett
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In Brief
Curious about RGA's insights around mortality risk scores and other risk assessment issues? Contact us to learn more. 

In a new white paper, RGA experts Mark Ma, Guizhou Hu, and Taylor Pickett present the results of their actuarial validation of Milliman Irix® – Risk Score 3.0 with Credit, a commercial risk-scoring product that combines prescription drug, medical billing, and credit data to generate four different scores for mortality risk segmentation.

The study compared the performance of the four models and scores, namely Rx3.0, RxDx3.0, RxCr3.0, and RxDxCr3.0, and found that:

  • All four products are effective in segmenting mortality, but the most powerful one is RxDxCr3.0.
  • Adding credit data to Rx and RxDx scores can improve the risk segmentation, both at the low-risk and high-risk ends of the spectrum.
  • Credit and medical-based scores rank mortality risks differently, meaning that they capture different aspects of risk and can complement each other.
  • The value of the scores varies by population characteristics and durations and depends on the objectives and use cases of the underwriting program.

Read the white paper for a comprehensive analysis of the Milliman Irix - Risk Score 3.0 with Credit, and to find out how credit data can enhance mortality risk prediction.

At RGA, we are eager to engage with clients to better understand and tackle the industry’s most pressing challenges together. Contact us to discuss and to learn more about RGA's capabilities, resources, and solutions. 

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Meet the Authors & Experts

Mark Ma
Hezhong (Mark) Ma
Vice President and Managing Actuary USMM Business Initiatives  
Guizhou Hu
Guizhou Hu
Vice President, Head of Risk Analytics,  Global Underwriting, Claims, and Medical, RGA
Taylor Pickett
Taylor Pickett
Actuary, Pricing, U.S. Individual Life, RGA