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  • January 2023
  • 29 minutes

Myocardial Infarction Claims: The ups and downs of troponin testing

  • Dr. Nick Boon
  • Dr. John J. Lefebre
  • Dr. Sheetal Salgaonkar
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This conundrum has prompted the medical profession to adopt important changes in the clinical definition of MI and means that the insurance industry currently has many in-force critical illness (CI) products that use an MI definition that differs from current clinical practice.

In this session, Dr. Nick Boon, RGA’s Consulting Medical Officer, U.K., and clinical cardiologist, discusses how MI is currently defined and present best practices to adjudicate borderline MI CI claims.

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Meet the Authors & Experts

Nick Boon
Dr. Nick Boon
Consulting Medical Officer, RGA
Dr. John J. Lefebre
Vice President and Senior Global Medical Director, Global Medical 
Dr. Sheetal Salgaonkar
Dr. Sheetal Salgaonkar
Vice President and Medical Director, Global Medical