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ReFlections Volume 40/39, January 2017

  • Dr. Lisa Duckett
  • Kyle Nobbe
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View of four seasons in a single view
In Brief
Delve into Alzheimer’s disease, explore seasonal mortality and more.

It has truly been our pleasure to see so many of you recently at various conferences and client events. With this edition of ReFlections we introduce two new authors as well as a new feature – the Brief Report – in which the author prepares a short article on a focused topic. Dr. Lisa Duckett, Vice President and Medical Director, provides a detailed update on Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment with a focus on early diagnosis and use of biomarkers, as well as discussing new treatment strategies.

Kyle Nobbe, Assistant Actuary, Global Research and Development, introduces us to his original research into the observations and correlations of seasonal mortality variations. His conclusions are insightful and practical for all insurers.

Dr. Sharylee Barnes, Vice President and Medical Director, inaugurates our Brief Report feature with an excellent summary of recent updates from various endocrine societies on the interpretation of thyroid sonogram imaging results. Given the frequency of these reports in attending physician statements, this is essential reading. ReCite continues to bring our readers recent and relevant highlights from the medical literature, and the Longer Life Foundation report heralds two substantial milestones achieved over the past year – the foundation’s 100th peer-reviewed article and 100th grant.

Alzheimer's: An Update on an Old Disease
View of four seasons in a single view
Seasonality of Mortality
Illustration of the Thyroid
Update on Thyroid Nodule Imaging Guidelines
A physician analyzing a case
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Meet the Authors & Experts

Dr. Lisa Duckett
Vice President and Medical Director (ret.), U.S. Mortality Markets, RGA  
Kyle Nobbe
Kyle Nobbe
Vice President and Actuary, Advanced Analytics, Risk and Behavioral Science