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ReFlections Volume 45, September 2018

  • Richard Russell
  • Hilary Henly
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Data and genetics
In Brief
Explore polygenic risk scores, social engagement and other non-traditional predictors of mortality and morbidity.

With this issue, we are proud to introduce a new author, Richard Russell, Ph.D., Lead Health Data Scientist, U.K., Division of Global Research and Data Analytics (GRDA). In his article, he addresses polygenic risk scores (PRSs) and provides an update on the quickly advancing knowledge in this area of genetics research and risk assessment.

In our second feature article, Hilary Henly, Head of Underwriting, Ireland and Director, Divisional Underwriting Research, returns to present an innovative review of some non-traditional predictors of mortality and morbidity. Specifically, she discusses the impact of loneliness, social engagement, and social activity. Given the aging population and newer approaches to older age underwriting, this topic will be of significant interest to the reader

The Longer Life Foundation (LLF) continues to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2018. Recently, the newest group of grant recipients were announced and the researchers and their cutting-edge projects can be reviewed on page 13. Also, please click the page’s link to the Foundation’s 20th anniversary commemorative brochure, which highlights some of LLF’s groundbreaking researchers and lists all grant recipients throughout its history.

Additionally, we have provided links to two new webcasts: the first, on mosquitos as disease vectors and their impact on global mortality and morbidity, from Eric Westhus, Ph.D., Data Scientist, Global Research and Data Analytics (GRDA); and the second, on liquid biopsies and epigenetics, from Daniel D. Zimmerman, M.D. Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Director, Global Support Team (GST). Both can be viewed at your convenience. Please turn to page 6 for details.

A labworker extracts genetic material
Polygenic Risk Scores: Combining Thousands of Genetic Variants to Predict Disease
The Association of Loneliness, Social Engagement, and Social Activity with All-Cause Mortality
A physician analyzing a case
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Richard Russell
Richard Russell
Vice President, Head of Health Data Analytics, Risk and Behavioral Science
Hilary Henly
Hilary Henly
Global Medical Researcher, Strategic Research