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  • May 2019
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ReFlections Volume 47, May 2019

  • Dr. Newman Harris
  • Dr. Daniel D. Zimmerman
  • Dr. Lisa Duckett
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In Brief
In this issue, explore topics from chronic pain and myocardial infarction to applying behavioral economics to non-disclosure. 

With this issue we introduce three new writers, each of whom has penned articles focused on expanding our medical understanding of the conditions we deal with on a daily basis. The first, from Dr. Newman Harris of our Sydney, Australia office, is Part I of a two-part series that outlines the latest ways to define and classify chronic pain as laid out in ICD-11. Understanding how pain informs impairment is an essential piece of our work, and this article provides additional clarity. The second article, from Sandeepan Basu of our Mumbai, India office, provides an overview of the Fourth Universal Definition of Myocardial Infarction. This well-researched article delves into key aspects of the updated definition, explores its complexity, and presents potential implications for the life insurance industry.

Behavioral economics is an area that is making a substantial splash in many industries and insurance is no exception. We are excited to introduce behavioral economist Matt Battersby, from our London, U.K. office, to our pages. His article, which looks at how behavioral economics can play a role in reducing disclosure gaps, is a fascinating look at how this developing sector of economic thought can optimize how we serve our customers.

A new section is being introduced in this issue which highlights RGA’s most recently published thought leadership content with relevance to insurance medicine. We hope you will take a moment to click through to some of these fascinating articles and white papers.

Also featured in this issue is a report about a Grand Rounds at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, presented by Dr. Jeffrey Gordon, one of the world’s foremost researchers on the microbiome. The standing-room-only event was sponsored by the Longer Life Foundation, the not-for-profit jointly supported by RGA and Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, and focused on Dr. Gordon’s research into the microbiome and malnutrition in children


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Meet the Authors & Experts

Dr. Newman Harris
Dr. Newman Harris

Consultant Psychiatrist and Chief Medical Officer, RGA Australia (ret.)
Associate Professor, Griffith University School of Medicine, Senior Visiting Medical Officer, Pain Management and Research Institute of the University of Sydney and Royal North Shore Hospital,
Senior Staff Specialist in Pain Management, Gold Coast University Hospital

Dan Zimmerman
Dr. Daniel D. Zimmerman
Senior Vice President, Chief Science Advisor
Dr. Lisa Duckett
Vice President and Medical Director (ret.), U.S. Mortality Markets, RGA