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  • September 2022
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ReFlections Volume 57, September 2022

  • Dr. James Kim
  • Erin Crump
  • Dr. Newman Harris
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RGA University II - Chronic Pain
In Brief
Explore pain physiology, mental health, colon polyps and colorectal cancers, and more.

As always, this issue’s articles cover several timely topics. Toronto-based medical underwriting consultant Dr. James Kim, DAAPM, CAPM, CFACI, has written, in his first article for ReFlections, a thought-provoking piece on the new understanding of pain physiology and evolving treatment frameworks. Interest in mental health continues to increase significantly, and Erin Crump, Vice President, Business Initiatives, another first-time ReFlections author, shares her expertise on mental health issues impacting insurers today. Finally, Dr. Paul Davis, MBBS, FRACP, Chief Medical Officer, RGA Australia, and frequent ReFlections contributor, offers an in-depth review of colon polyps and colorectal cancers, the third most common cancer-related mortality worldwide.

The Longer Life Foundation, RGA’s research collaboration with Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, is pleased to announce its latest grant recipients. The seven 2022-2023 grantees – three renewals and four new investigators – represent an excellent portfolio of innovative and relevant research that will benefit both clinical and insurance medicine.

Glial cells microscopic image
Glial Cells and Treatment of Chronic Pain
The Connection Between Physical and Mental Health: An Overview
Colorectal Polyps as Precursors to Colorectal Malignancy
A physician analyzing a case
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Meet the Authors & Experts

Dr. James Kim
Dr. James Kim
Consultant CMO, RGA International Medical Director, NeuPath Centre for Pain and Spine
Erin Crump
Erin Crump
Vice President Business Initiatives, RGA International Re
Dr. Newman Harris
Dr. Newman Harris

Consultant Psychiatrist and Chief Medical Officer, RGA Australia (ret.)
Associate Professor, Griffith University School of Medicine, Senior Visiting Medical Officer, Pain Management and Research Institute of the University of Sydney and Royal North Shore Hospital,
Senior Staff Specialist in Pain Management, Gold Coast University Hospital