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  • June 2024
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ReFlections Volume 62, June 2024

  • Dr. Radhika (Radi) Counsell
  • Dr. Karneen Tam
  • Peter Hovard
  • Dr. Steve Woh
  • Dr. Adela Osman
  • Dr. Sheetal Salgaonkar
  • Dr. Sajel L. Kana
  • Dr. Daniel D. Zimmerman
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In Brief

Explore in-depth articles on important medical topics and stay up to date on a range of hot-button issues impacting life and health insurers, from the obesity epidemic to AI’s role in healthcare. 

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Our features this month explore Lewy body dementias, the current obesogenic environment and how insurers can help to combat it, and the latest information about understanding and underwriting borderline ovarian tumor. We also have an interview on hot-button issues in genetic medicine with RGA’s Dr. Sajel Kana, Genetics Consultant.

Other highly informative pieces include:

  • An insightful Hepatitis B case study
  • Updates on the increasing potential for AI in primary care settings and for CRISPR technology in finding a cure for HIV
  • New research you can use, and links to RGA thought leadership on a broad range of topics


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Meet the Authors & Experts

Dr. Radhika Counsell
Dr. Radhika (Radi) Counsell
Consulting Medical Officer, RGA UK
Karneen Tam
Dr. Karneen Tam
Medical Consultant, RGA Asia Pacific
Peter Hovard
Peter Hovard
Lead Behavioural Scientist, Risk and Behavioral Science
Dr. Steve Woh
Dr. Steve Woh
Chief Medical Officer and Claims Manager, RGA Global Health
Dr Adela Osman
Dr. Adela Osman
Vice President, Head of Global Medical
Dr. Sheetal Salgaonkar
Dr. Sheetal Salgaonkar
Vice President and Medical Director, Global Medical
Dr. Sajel Kana
Dr. Sajel L. Kana
Genetics Consultant
Dan Zimmerman
Dr. Daniel D. Zimmerman
Senior Vice President, Chief Science Advisor