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Target: Transformation

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In Brief
In an industry undergoing dynamic change, RGAX is identifying the best paths forward for life insurers seeking sustainable success.

The term disruption has served as a life insurance industry buzzword for years, and would-be disruptors include a range of new entrants seeking to capture their share of future business opportunities. But life insurance is complex. It is a sector that requires delivering value over longitudinal timelines yet unrealized by Silicon Valley startups – all within strict regulatory environments.

So instead of disruption, RGAX’s Chase Huey argues we should instead be talking about transformation. By pursuing transformation, established firms with proven expertise and invaluable experience can apply new technologies to creatively restructure existing ways of doing business to better serve the consumer of today – and tomorrow. At RGAX, every supposed barrier represents an opportunity for incumbents to step up and lead the conversation with the new players.

Read Chase’s post on the RGAX blog to learn how RGAX is connecting insurers with the talent, methodologies, and resources to drive transformative change. 

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Chase Huey
Chase Huey
Executive Director, Innovation Studio (former)