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  • January 2011
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The Emerging Epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes

An Asian Pacific Perspective

  • Vanessa M. Routley
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In Brief
Globalization and changing lifestyles are resulting in an emerging Type 2 diabetes epidemic throughout the Asia Pacific region, with serious underwriting implications. 
As a consequence of rapid economic growth, urbanization and a move away from the more traditional way of life, Type 2 diabetes has become a critical health problem in the Asia Pacific region. Up until the last decade, the major public health issues in many of these nations included malnutrition and infectious disease. The rapid increase in Type 2 diabetes incidence has left many Asia Pacific nations under-prepared. This article will contain an overview of the issues surrounding this emerging epidemic and will identify future underwriting trends.

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Vanessa M. Routley
Chief Underwriting, Hong Kong, Singapore & High Net Worth, RGA Asia


Reprinted with permission of ON THE RISK, Journal of the Academy of Life Underwriting (