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Cancer protection

A tale of two markets


Cancer cover in both Korea and Hong Kong has taken more than a few paths over the past several decades. 

In Korea, cancer product design may have been a contributor to some of the market’s poor early 2000s experience; Hong Kong cancer products are more varied and flexible than those in Korea; and both Korea and Hong Kong insurers as well as those in the rest of Asia, have demonstrated that cancer-only protection is an important product to offer. With experience trends evolving rapidly, RGA's Amit Punchhi, Heng Yeow Lim and Candice Yam take a timely look at this increasingly essential cover.

Reprinted with permission of The Asia Insurance Review (AIR)

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The Authors

  • Heng Yeow Lim
    Head of Pricing
    South East Asia
    RGA Australia
  • Candice Yam
    Head of Pricing
    Hong Kong Branch 
Download "Cancer Protection"
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