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Group Optional Benefit Premiums in Canada: A Closer Look

In August 2020, RGA Group Reinsurance conducted a survey of the Canadian insurance market to assess the growth in group optional premiums over the past five years.

Thirteen carriers participated in the survey, providing feedback on group optional products for employees and dependents between 2015 and 2019. Results showed that while optional premium growth remained relatively flat for both life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) products, optional critical illness premiums increased substantially. Contributing factors to these trends may offer insurers insights into strategies for future product development.

Optional Premium Infographic_2020_final 

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The Authors

  • Carole Bellm
    Assistant Vice President,
    Group Underwriting

    RGA Canada
  • Kathy Thiesen
    Survey and Research Services

    U.S. Group Reinsurance
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RGA Group Reinsurance conducted a survey of Canadian insurers on group optional products to assess the growth in premium in the past five years.

To learn more about additional survey results and how to put its findings to work for you, contact RGA.
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