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Protection for Taiwan’s fast-aging population


Like most developed countries around the world, Taiwan’s population growth has slowed precipitously and its average age is rising fast. 

Cost-conscious buyers have been and continue to be more likely to purchase lower-cost, higher-earning savings products from life insurers as an alternative investment vehicle to build their assets. As a result, while insurance penetration is high, most families do not have sufficient insurance protection. This article examines opportunities and innovations.

Reprinted with permission of The Asia Insurance Review (AIR)
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  • aging Asia
  • asset intensive
  • capital-motivated
  • Critical Illness
  • dementia
  • demographic trends
  • diabetes
  • impaired lives
  • insurance product
  • insurance product design
  • longevity
  • Long-Term Care
  • LTC
  • mortality experience
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  • pension risk transfer
  • PRT
  • senior lives
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  • Shih Nin Low