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ReFlections Fall 2013


In this edition of
ReFlections, Dr. Phil Smalley describes the mission of the Longer Life foundation as well as its accomplishments over the past 15 years. Dr. Dhiraj Goud provides valuable information on an emerging new medical technology, Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Dr. Oscar Cartaya discusses Cancer Development. In the final article, Jeffrey Heaton outlines the structure of Electronic Health Record ICD-10 codes and illustrates their value to insurers.

ReFlections is RGA’s medical underwriting newsletter, written by RGA experts. It presents underwriters and medical directors with timely, in-depth information to assist with underwriting.

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The Authors

  • Dr. Philip Smalley
    Senior Vice President (ret.)
    Global Chief Medical Officer

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  • Dr. Dhiraj P. Goud
    Chief Underwriter 
    Southeast Asia Markets

    RGA Southeast Asia
  • Dr. Oscar Cartaya
    Vice President and Medical Director (ret.)
Download "ReFlections - Fall 2013"
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