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Women in Leadership: Three Perspectives from RGA

Women leaders long

By any measure, leadership skills are in high demand throughout the corporate world, and actuaries who can combine this talent with technical expertise are likely to position themselves at the forefront of a new era in insurance.

In The Actuary, three women leaders from RGA explore the qualities necessary to lead organizations through a rapidly evolving industry.
  • As change sweeps the insurance sector, what differentiates the agile and the soon-to-be obsolete? RGA’s Janell Lobdell explores the ten reasons why we resist change and suggests practices to help individuals develop resilience and a “change-ready” brain and organizations communicate and implement change more effectively.
  • Is leadership more about EQ (emotion quotient) than IQ? RGA’s Nimmie Veerappen thinks so, and makes a powerful case that leadership skills are not innate but learned. She challenges her fellow actuaries to have the courage to embrace the opportunity to lead.
  • So often leaders are encouraged to identify and improve upon weaknesses. RGA’s Sarah Maune suggests it may be time for women to lean into strengths. In a personal essay, she recounts these and other lessons learned from a women’s leadership forum and networking group she helped form at RGA. Her conclusion? Connecting with other women colleagues can help build an encouraging, supportive environment for discovery and growth.

Reprinted with permission of The Actuary.

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