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Getting Fit and Future-Ready: Uncovering Global Wellness Trends and the Impact of Wearable Technology

Explore the life and health insurance implications of a groundbreaking, comprehensive global wellness survey of 107 carriers across four continents.

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Led by RGAX's Carmela Tedesco and RGA's Leigh Allen (with a rolling implementation from August 2020 through January 2021), the RGA Global Wellness Survey reveals the variety and complexity of strategic approaches to wellness among life and health insurers, as well as a common commitment to empower people to live their best lives. Find out the ways COVID-19 prompted insurers to re-prioritize wellness to benefit both insurers and insureds. Hear from an insurtech leader about how carriers can leverage wearable technology to enable wellness solutions and quantify the impact of these lifestyle behaviors on mortality. And join Peter Hovard, RGA’s Lead Behavioral Scientist, as he peels back the layers of some recent behavioral research on how insurers can best engage with consumers and how they might encourage ongoing wellness and wearables usage to drive successful, healthy outcomes.


Download Survey Results

The Presenters

  • Leigh Allen
    Associate Vice President
    Strategic Survey Research
  • Peter Hovard, Ph.D.
    Lead Behavioural Scientist
    Global Data and Analytics


Curious about RGA’s global survey results? Download Survey Results. RGA is ready to help you expand your current wellness tools and products or explore the potential opportunities that are becoming available in this area. For more detail, contact RGA.  
Download Survey Results
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