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Hiding in Plain Sight: Underappreciated Data

There was a time when important data was hidden from actuaries, lurking in PDFs of underwriting files and playing hard to find. 

Modern e-underwriting engines can now flush this data out into the open where it can be interrogated and modeled, revealing important details about occupations, health disclosures, avocations, hazardous pursuits, and more. Although this data is now available, a lot of actuaries are unaware of its existence; it is hiding in plain sight. Find out what you’ve been missing!
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Customers increasingly demand a seamless, non-intrusive, insurance purchasing experience. Multivariate technologies can empower life and health carriers to deliver. 

Curious? Ask AURA.

The Presenters

  • Jon Moss
    Director, Business Development
    AURA Technologies
  • Griffin Buffington
    Global Sales Support Analyst
    AURA Technologies


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