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How to Reduce Insurance Fraud and Mitigate Risk via Secure Data Collaboration

Is there a contradiction at the heart of the data privacy conversation? 

Insurers are avidly exploring the use of data to better segment risk, respond to customer needs, and improve health outcomes. This requires partnership and collaboration, and yet there is a competing need to protect business and customer data from misuse. 

RGAX's Mitch Ocampo joins Ori Wallenstein, vice president of product for QEDIT, to 
explore the privacy enhancing techniques that can help span this gap. This incisive exploration reveals how insurers can adapt their business models and approaches to protect data, increase collaboration, and prevent fraud.

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We are eager to speak with clients about any support needed as we confront the challenge of insurance fraud together.  Contact RGAX to learn more about the resources, solutions, and services available.
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