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The Promise of Liquid Biopsy in Advancing Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Today, a diagnosis of cancer requires a traditional biopsy consisting of direct tissue sampling and analysis, but liquid biopsies are changing the game.

Liquid biopsies involve examining cancer-related material such as cells or DNA from a blood sample or other bodily fluid. RGA’s consultant oncologist, Dr. Radi Counsell, discusses the ways liquid biopsies will change the face of cancer care, from screening and diagnosis to treatment monitoring and surveillance of survivors. Dr. Counsell also examines underwriting and claims adjudication implications of this emerging technology. 


The Presenters

  • Dr. Sheetal Salgaonkar
    Vice President and Medical Director
    Global Medical
    RGA India
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  • Dr. Radhika (Radi) Counsell
    Consulting Medical Officer
    RGA UK
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