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Group Research

Keeping pace in today’s competitive market is a challenge. Leading the way takes experience and teamwork. 

Group insurers are experiencing multiple pressures in today’s market. It is no longer enough to provide good products and services. Competition is high. Given all the data we have today, it is more essential than ever to extract the right information to reach meaningful business decisions.

When you need a partner in the process, RGA can provide research that will assist in your winning strategy.

We offer: 

  • Market Research: With more than 30 years of group insurance experience, the RGA Market Research team works in tandem with your company to deliver in-depth, customized insights. We offer core skills in market and industry research, best practice and guideline development, and industry and market profiling.
  • Industry Surveys: Understanding industry and market players is key to creating a successful strategy. RGA delivers timely information to inform actionable, data-based decisions. Deepen your understanding of claims practices, underwriting guidelines, product development, medical underwriting and more. We have the insight, experience, and expertise to provide you with a competitive advantage.
  • Benchmark Studies: Compare your business practices against competitors using our well-established, interval-based benchmark studies. Our reports help you pivot and navigate the path ahead. We manage crucial research planning, provide information to address specific questions, conduct longitudinal analysis to identify emerging trends, and clearly communicate findings. Team up with RGA for the insights you need to stay ahead. 

RGA’s Group Research services allow you to benchmark your practices and drive change. Curious? Contact Us.

Group Research: Thought Leadership 

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    Kathy Thiesen

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    Laura Baird

    Senior Research Analyst
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