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RGA appreciates the growing importance of Islamic reinsurance or Retakaful. With the guidance of RGA’s Shariah Advisory Council and our experienced local leadership team, RGA plays a key role in helping Takaful operators achieve strategic goals and financial success.

Takaful is a system of Shariah-compliant insurance based on the principle of mutual assistance and voluntary contribution for the common good. Risks are shared collectively and voluntarily by a group of participants. Takaful and retakaful are the Shariah-compliant alternatives to conventional insurance and reinsurance, respectively.

In September 2009, RGA began operating a Retakaful Window in Labuan, Malaysia as part of our commitment to serving the Family Takaful market. RGA adopted the Wakalah-Mudharabah operating model.  

Contact us to learn how we can bring our knowledge, expertise and financial strength to help you succeed in the Family Takaful market. 

Contact Us

Contact RGA in Southeast Asia:
RGA Global Reinsurance Company Ltd. 
Labuan Branch (KL Co-located Office)
Labuan, Malaysia
T 603.2712.0007
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Contact RGA in the Middle East:
RGA Reinsurance Company Middle East Limited
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
T 971.4.3896000
F 971.4.3896001
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Contact RGA's office serving Turkey:
RGA International Reinsurance Company dac
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