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Our Culture

RGA fosters a company culture that is inclusive, collaborative, and compassionate.

At RGA, we are stewards of a purpose-driven industry that helps people manage through the financial consequences of an uncertain future. As a result, we seek to treat people right, communicate with transparency, and live up to our commitments. Reinsurance is a unique business in which our product is a promise, and our ability to consistently deliver on our pledges builds the lasting trust that drives success.

That is why RGA's culture starts with four core values: relationship focus, collaboration, integrity, and entrepreneurship.  We believe in the power of inclusion to fuel innovation, and we understand the importance of living the values we support through volunteerism and industry leadership.  

A Strong Commitment to Inclusion: RGA's Human Rights Policy is guided by the United Nations and the International Labor Organization, as well as U.S. law.  We also foster a culture where people are accepted and embraced for who they are, as demonstrated by RGA’s voluntary retention rate of 96%. Our experience shows – and workplace studies prove – that diversity of people brings diversity of ideas and more creative solutions, leading to better processes, better products, and ultimately better results for our clients and the people they serve.

In recent years, RGA has formalized a long-standing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Anna Manning, RGA's chief executive officer, is a signatory to  CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™, the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion within the workplace, as well as the Inclusive Insurance Pledge to welcome people from diverse backgrounds as insurance consumers and employees. 

An Emphasis on Integrity and Equity: RGA's public stances are supported by meaningful action. The 2020 Women on Boards organization has recognized RGA as a Winning “W” Company due to  the high representation of women on the RGA Board of Directors compared to the broader financial services sector.

RGA also has long been committed to ensuring equal pay for equal work. To continue that commitment, in 2021, we initiated our annual company-wide pay equity study conducted by a third-party consultant, which analyzed the pay practices of all U.S. employees and all our employees working at non-U.S. locations with more than 50 employees (representing ~90% of RGA’s employees worldwide). Ensuring our compensation practices are equitable, regardless of gender or race, is imperative for our company’s culture and to ensure fair treatment of our employees. Read more on our Corporate Governance page

A Culture of Supporting Community: RGA participates in charitable activities relevant to our business and linked to our mission, vision, and values, and employees regularly contribute to local, national, and regional non-profit organizations. A significant portion of those donations come from RGA's Matching Gift Program. As part of this program, RGA matches a significant portion of employee charitable donations.

We also encourage employee volunteerism, partnering with community service organizations to provide opportunities for employees to donate time and talents to assist neighbors in need. The RGA Global Volunteer Day program enables any employee to receive a day of pay while giving time to a charitable cause. RGA employees also regularly seek to advance the insurance industry by participating in a variety of volunteer roles at industry associations and in RGA programs, such as High School Actuary Day, which aim to promote insurance-related professions and encourage the study of science and mathematics.