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  • December 2023
  • 7 minutes

Mitigating Mortality Slippage of Preferred Classification in Non-fluid Underwriting: An RGA study

  • Guizhou Hu
  • Taylor Pickett
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In Brief
Curious about RGA's insights around mortality risk scores and other risk assessment issues? Contact us to learn more. 

In a new research paper, RGA experts Guizhou Hu and Taylor Pickett examine the impact of LabPiQture (LP), a commercial data product of ExamOne, on the mortality slippage of standard and better risk classes in non-fluid underwriting.

A comparison of the results of full underwriting and non-fluid underwriting with or without LP reveals that LP can reduce the mortality slippage by recovering some of the missing cholesterol information, but mostly through reclassifying cases to higher risk classes.

    Read the white paper for a comprehensive analysis.

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    Meet the Authors & Experts

    Guizhou Hu
    Guizhou Hu
    Vice President, Head of Risk Analytics,  Global Underwriting, Claims, and Medical, RGA
    Taylor Pickett
    Taylor Pickett
    Actuary, Pricing, U.S. Individual Life, RGA