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Purpose-Driven Philanthropy | Jasmina Schue

Inside RGA Jasmina Schue
In Brief

In this Inside RGA interview, Jasmina Schue discusses RGA’s purpose-driven philanthropy strategy, employee programs, and recent achievements in this space. 

Tell us about your role at RGA. 

I’m responsible for leading RGA’s global charitable giving and volunteering activities, while supporting the programs of our charitable partners. Having spent almost 15 years in the nonprofit sector, I’m passionate about strengthening existing partnerships and building new ones, as well as supporting worthy causes across the globe that help fulfil RGA’s purpose to make financial protection accessible to all. It’s wonderful to be able to live that purpose every day. 

I’m helping our employees understand and leverage the community programs and volunteer benefits available to them through RGA, as we work to reach our enterprise strategy goal of having at least 50% of employees engaged in volunteerism, diversity, or sustainability efforts by the end of 2026.  

How does RGA support employee charitable giving and volunteerism? 

All RGA employees have access to RGA Cares, our internal corporate social responsibility (CSR) platform, where they can:

  • Access information about RGA's sustainability, diversity, and giving programs
  • Apply for the RGA Matching Gifts Program and make financial contributions to more than six million charities in our database
  • Create and manage team volunteer projects
  • Find volunteer opportunities and track personal volunteerism  RGA allows regular full-time and part-time employees paid time off each year to volunteer
  • For every hour volunteered, RGA donates $20 to a charity of choice as part of the new Dollars for Doers global initiative

In 2022 alone, the number of employees using the RGA Matching Gift Program increased by 35%, and those using the companywide volunteer time-off policy increased by 96%.

2022 Sustainability Report Cover
Explore our priorities and progress with ongoing CSR efforts in the 2022 RGA Sustainability Report.

What’s RGA’s philanthropy strategy? 

Alongside our philanthropic arm, the RGA Foundation, RGA focuses charitable giving and employee volunteerism on the following five principal areas:

  • Health and longevity: Illness prevention education, treatment support, caregiver support, and reduction of health disparities found in the analysis of the leading causes of mortality
  • Opportunity pipeline: Educational outreach, scholarship programs, and student programming for math, medicine, technology, and finance, especially for underrepresented groups
  • Financial protection: Programs providing financial literacy, financial education, or career readiness training
  • RGA in the community: Programs supporting RGA volunteers in education, health, or environmental sustainability
  • Disaster response: Emergency support for communities in crisis

RGA is a purpose-driven global company, and our philanthropic strategy reflects that. We ensure that the communities in which we operate are directly impacted by our charitable and volunteer initiatives, while collectively working toward our worldwide efforts to make financial protection accessible to all. 

At RGA, we are eager to engage with clients to better understand and tackle the industry’s most pressing challenges together. Contact us to discuss and to learn more about RGA's capabilities, resources, and solutions.

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Jasmina Schue
Jasmina Schue
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