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  • January 2019
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ReFlections Volume 46, January 2019

  • Dr. Jenny Wu
  • Dr. Heather M. Lund
  • Sue Wehrman
  • Dr. Rahul Kumar Garg
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Collage of lab worker and DNA
In Brief
In this issue, explore topics from iodine and thyroid disease to A.I. and Electronic Health Records.

We lead off with an article on iodine and thyroid disease, written by Dr. Jenny Wu, Medical Director, Asia Pacific, and Dr. Heather M. Lund, MBBCh, Chief Medical Officer - Asia. Although iodine deficiency has long been known to cause thyroid disease and a range of secondary sequelae, iodine excess in recent years in certain areas may have caused a substantial increase in incidence of thyroid cancer. An update on thyroid cancer risk classification is also provided. We think you will enjoy their exploration.

RGA’s Electronic Health Records specialist Susan L. Wehrman, Vice President, EHR Initiatives, continues her periodic series of articles about EHR with a piece describing its current state and where trends might be taking its development. As the field continues to evolve, insurers, especially in the U.S., are finding themselves taking a stronger and more central role in the development of advanced and applicable systems.

For the first time, we are featuring an opinion column, written by a new ReFlections author: Dr. Rahul Kumar Garg, Development Underwriter, RGA International. Dr. Garg writes about the evolving role of machine learning and artificial intelligence in both clinical and insurance medicine and the role of the health practitioner.

Finally, our report on The Longer Life Foundation (LLF), the not-for-profit foundation supported by RGA and Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine, features an interview with Dr. Samuel Klein, the new head of LLF’s Longevity Research Program. Dr. Klein provides fascinating insights into current scientific thinking about nutrition and obesity, and demonstrates how LLF is advancing knowledge in this area for the insurance industry.

Collage of lab worker and DNA
The Relationship Between Iodine and Thyroid Function/Dysfunction
Heart balanced against the brain
Opinion: Intelligent Robots and Emotional Clinicians: What Still Matters In The Doctor Patient Relationship
Tablet showcasing Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
Electronic Health Records – Are We Now In Prime Time?
A physician analyzing a case
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Meet the Authors & Experts

Dr. Jenny Wu
Medical Director, Asia Pacific, RGA Asia
Dr. Heather Lund
Dr. Heather M. Lund
Regional Chief Medical Officer, RGA Asia
Sue Wehrman
Vice President (ret.), EHR Initiatives Business Initiatives, U.S. Mortality Markets RGA
Dr. Rahul Kumar Garg

Development Underwriter, RGA International