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  • May 2021
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ReFlections Volume 53, May 2021

  • Dr. Maryam Shapland
  • Dr. Heather M. Lund
  • Hilary Henly
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Follicular Thyroid Cancer
In Brief
In this issue, explore topics from demystifying pulmonary and thyroid nodules to current trends in gestational diabetes and gene therapy. 

As always, we hope you and your loved ones are safe and well. With COVID-19 vaccine options and accessibility increasing, there is hope for cautious optimism and the ability to anticipate a possible return to a yet-to-be-defined new normal. This issue features articles from two senior Mumbai-based members of RGA’s excellent Global Underwriting Manual (GUM) development team.

Sandeepan Basu, Deputy Chief Manager, Research and Manual Development, returns to our pages with a detailed piece about pulmonary and thyroid nodules and their underwriting challenges. We also welcome to our pages Dr. Reema Nathwani Jani, Chief Manager, Global Underwriting, Research and Manual Development, who for her first ReFlections article provides an in-depth look at gestational diabetes, a rising risk worldwide. A Brief Report on gene therapy by ReFlections editor Dr. Daniel D. Zimmerman, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Medical, rounds out the issue. Once the realm of science fiction, this rapidly-developing class of therapies is working near-miracles in how clinical medicine can treat various diseases and disorders.

The Longer Life Foundation, RGA’s research collaboration with Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, continues to make news, expanding its visibility via sponsorships of Internal Medicine Grand Rounds, the first of which this year featured the cutting-edge research of Grant Challen, Ph.D., as well as sponsoring podcasts by epidemiologist Dr. Michael T. Osterholm. Dr. Osterholm is known worldwide for his understanding of infectious diseases and pandemics, and we are proud to be sponsoring two of his weekly podcasts focused on the COVID-19 pandemic. (See article on page 20 for information about accessing these podcasts.)

Demystifying Risk Stratification of Pulmonary and Thyroid Nodules
Current Trends in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Biohazard lab workbench
Brief Report: Gene and Cell Therapies
A physician analyzing a case
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Meet the Authors & Experts

Dr. Maryam Shapland
Vice President and Medical Director, U.S. Individual Life
Dr. Heather Lund
Dr. Heather M. Lund
Regional Chief Medical Officer, RGA Asia
Hilary Henly
Hilary Henly
Global Medical Researcher, Strategic Research