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  • May 2022
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ReFlections Volume 56, May 2022

  • Sandeepan Basu
  • Dr. Preeti Dalawari
  • Dr. Newman Harris
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In Brief
Gain an in-depth look at pain, explore the latest science on rheumatoid arthritis, and learn more on multiparametric MRI and prostate cancer.

As always, we hope you, your families, and your loved ones continue to be safe and well. This issue’s articles provide updates and insights for a range of conditions. Dr. Newman Harris, Consulting Chief Medical Officer, RGA Australia, and a long-time contributor to ReFlections, offers an in-depth look at the expanding and evolving understanding of the mechanisms of pain. Sandeepan Basu, Deputy Chief Manager, Global Underwriting Research and Manual Development, RGA India, returns to ReFlections with a comprehensive review of rheumatoid arthritis. Rounding out the issue is first-time ReFlections author Dr. Preeti Dalawari, Vice President and Medical Director, U.S. Mortality Markets, whose article focuses on multiparametric MRI and how it is changing and enhancing prostate cancer diagnostics.

An MRI Showing Prostate Cancer
Multiparametric MRI and Prostate Cancer
Glial cells microscopic image
Glial Cells and Persistent Pain: Recent Advances
arthritis visual featuring hands
Rheumatoid Arthritis – The Complex Arthritis
A physician analyzing a case
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Meet the Authors & Experts

Sandeepan Basu

Deputy Chief Manager, Research and Manual Development, RGA India

Preeti Dalawari
Dr. Preeti Dalawari
Vice President, Medical Director, U.S. Individual Life
Dr. Newman Harris
Dr. Newman Harris

Consultant Psychiatrist and Chief Medical Officer, RGA Australia (ret.)
Associate Professor, Griffith University School of Medicine, Senior Visiting Medical Officer, Pain Management and Research Institute of the University of Sydney and Royal North Shore Hospital,
Senior Staff Specialist in Pain Management, Gold Coast University Hospital