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  • May 2023
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ReFlections Volume 59, May 2023

  • Dr. SiNing Zhao
  • Peter Hovard
  • Dr. Daniel D. Zimmerman
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In Brief
Better understand Autism, explore advances in the science of aging, improve application disclosure, and more.

Dr. SiNing Zhao, Regional Medical Director – Asia, in her first appearance in ReFlections, contributes the first of a well-researched, two-part article on autism. Part I, which you will find beginning on Page 2, focuses on an update of autism from a clinical point of view – an understanding of which is increasingly important for insurance medical and risk assessment professionals.

Peter Hovard, Ph.D., Lead Behavioral Scientist, also new to ReFlections, has contributed an article detailing RGA’s research into how questionnaires in insurance applications can improve disclosure of smoking and alcohol consumption behaviors using the theories and tools of behavioral science. The issue is rounded out with an article by ReFlections editor
Dr. Daniel Zimmerman, DBIM, Chief Science Advisor, who reviews the current status of research into the underlying
mechanisms of aging and the potential implications for future morbidity and mortality trends.

We are saddened to report that Dr. William A. Peck, a cofounder of the Longer Life Foundation, RGA’s research
collaboration with Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, recently passed away. The LLF page in this issue
honors his long and productive life.

A young child plays with blocks beside his mother
An Update on Autism Spectrum Disorder Part 1: Through a clinical lens
A caregiver assists an elderly woman enjoy a park while moving with a walker
What's New With Old? Recent Advances in the Science of Aging
A pen pictured above an insurance application
Improving Smoking and Alcohol Disclosures Using Behavioral Science
A physician analyzing a case
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Meet the Authors & Experts

Si Ning Zhao
Dr. SiNing Zhao
Regional Medical Director, RGA Asia Pacific
Peter Hovard
Peter Hovard
Lead Behavioural Scientist, Risk and Behavioral Science
Dan Zimmerman
Dr. Daniel D. Zimmerman
Senior Vice President, Chief Science Advisor