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ReFlections Volume 60, September 2023

  • Dr. SiNing Zhao
  • Dr. Megan Leivant
  • Kishan Bakrania
  • Kevin Somerville
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Wellbeing RGA ReFlections Vol 60
In Brief
View autism through an insurance lens, better understand bladder cancer, improve lifestyle factors on mortality and morbidity, and more.

First is the second part of Dr. SiNing Zhao’s comprehensive article about autism. Dr.  Zhao, Regional Medical Director – Asia, reviews the many issues impacting insurers as the number of children and adults diagnosed with autism continues to increase rapidly.

A first-time ReFlections author, Dr. Megan Leivant, Vice President and Medical Director, U.S. Mortality Markets,  contributes an article on the latest developments in bladder cancer, one of the most prevalent cancers worldwide.

This issue also features a preview of research being undertaken jointly by RGA with the University of Leicester in the U.K., exploring the impact of lifestyle factors on mortality and morbidity. Authors Kishan Bakrania, Senior Health Data Scientist, Global Data and Analytics, Richard Russell, Vice President, Head of Health Data Analytics, Global Data and Analytics, and Dr. Kevin Somerville, Medical Director, Underwriting Research and Manual Development, discuss the anticipated insights which may impact future approaches to underwriting and pricing.

The Longer Life Foundation (LLF) also announces its annual list of grant recipients for 2023-2024. This year marks the 25th anniversary that the Foundation has been supporting groundbreaking research into factors impacting health and longevity. We are also proud to present a short video commemorating LLF’s anniversary.

ReFlections Update on Autism Spectrum Disorder
An Update on Autism Spectrum Disorder Part 2: Through an insurance lens
ReFlections Bladder Cancer
Bladder Cancer: Overview, Treatment Challenges, and Trends
ReFlections Impact of Lifestyle Factors on Mortality and Morbidity
Exploring the Impact of Lifestyle Factors on Mortality and Morbidity Using UK Biobank Data
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Meet the Authors & Experts

Si Ning Zhao
Dr. SiNing Zhao
Regional Medical Director, RGA Asia Pacific
Megan Leivant
Dr. Megan Leivant
Vice President and Medical Director 
Kishan Bakrania
Kishan Bakrania
Senior Health Data Scientist, Risk and Behavioral Science
Kevin Somerville
Kevin Somerville
Medical Director, Underwriting Research and Manual Development