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RGA's 2023 Surveys Roundup and Trends to Watch

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In Brief
Better understand the latest trends and developments in life and health insurance by exploring findings from RGA’s 2023 surveys. 

As RGA develops solutions and value propositions for health, risk management, distribution, underwriting, claims, product development, and many other areas, we conduct surveys to understand trends, challenges, and opportunities. Topics addressed by RGA surveys in 2023 range from the increased demand for mental health products and enhanced services; to the adoption and sales of bancassurance, claims management and automation; to evolving approaches to wellness and eldercare.

Discover six top trends uncovered by RGA surveys on the year: view the interactive report.

At RGA, we are eager to engage with clients to better understand and tackle the industry’s most pressing challenges together. Contact us to discuss and to learn more about RGA's capabilities, resources, and solutions.

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Meet the Authors & Experts

Leign Allen
Leigh Allen
Associate Vice President, Strategic Survey Research, Global Actuarial Pricing and Research