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  • July 2022
  • 25 minutes

Climate Change and Life Insurance Implications

  • Dr. Georgiana Willwerth-Pascutiu
  • Chris Falkous
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In Brief

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This video was developed in conjunction with actuview, the first permanent international media platform for actuaries ( actuview content reflects contributions from actuarial institutions, corporate partners and industry professionals. RGA is actuview’s sponsoring partner.

RGA's Dr. Georgiana Willwerth-Pascutiu and Senior Biometric Insights Actuary Chris Falkous explore the effects of suboptimal temperatures on mortality and estimate impacts under various climate pathways. The pair also touch on roles policymakers, individuals, and the insurance industry can play in mitigating climate risks. 

See also:  Capturing Climate Change: The Challenge of Modeling Long-Term Life and Health Risks in a Warming World 

Curious about RGA's insights?   Contact us to learn more. 

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Meet the Authors & Experts

Georgiana Pascutiu
Dr. Georgiana Willwerth-Pascutiu
Vice President and Medical Director, Global Medical
Chris Falkous
Chris Falkous
Vice President, Senior Biometric Insights Actuary, Global Biometric Research