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A patient with a robotic device regains mobility
Artificial Intelligence – A New Frontier for Rehabilitation
  • Linda Winterbottom
Research and White Papers March 2024
No longer an ‘if’ but a ’when’, many insurers are currently considering how AI can best be leveraged to enhance the customer experience and increase efficiencies by automating routine tasks and processes. RGA's Linda Winterbottom explores the implications. 
A patient with a robotic device regains mobility
Research and White Papers March 2024
Artificial Intelligence – A New Frontier for Rehabilitation
No longer an ‘if’ but a ’when’, many insurers are currently considering how AI can best be leveraged to enhance the customer experience and increase efficiencies by automating routine tasks and processes. RGA's Linda Winterbottom explores the implications.  Read More
A female physician in a labcoat clutches an ipad
Articles October 2023
RGA Global Mental Health Survey Part IV: Claims
This is the final article of a four-part series that also includes an overview and articles ... Read More
A man sitting at a desk with computer monitors displaying code
Articles August 2023
Artificial Intelligence and Insurance Fraud: Four dangers and four opportunities
Insurers should monitor the latest AI-assisted hoaxes and learn more about how to harness the power of AI to uncover potential fraud throughout the insurance pipeline. Read More
A patient reclines as she receives chemotherapy to treat cancer
Research and White Papers August 2023
The Cost of Cancer: Price versus life

Crucial cancer medicines are currently in short supply due to heightened demand and a number of manufacturing, pricing, distribution, and approval challenges. RGA's Hilary Henly explores the complicated causes and addresses the consequences for patients, providers, a...

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Disability Insurance Fraud Detection and Prevention
Articles July 2023
Protecting the Right People: Exposing fraud in disability claims
The fight against fraud in disability claims requires constant vigilance and cooperation among all stakeholders. Working together we can better combat fraudulent activity and protect the resources meant for those individuals facing real challenges in their daily lives. Read More
Articles January 2023
Global Claims Views: Employing the elderly may help solve some big problems
Healthy aging promoted through widespread engagement and inclusion of the elderly could help solve some big problems society and the life and health insurance industry currently face. 
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Articles January 2023
Long COVID - The Long-Term Disability Claims Gap
From a disability insurance standpoint and based on numerous articles in the scientific literature and lay press, insurers might have expected a tsunami of long-term COVID disability claims after the expected six-month waiting period. Thus far, however, this has not bee... Read More
Claims talent drain: applicants for job interview
Articles December 2022
Addressing the Claims Talent Drain
RGA Singapore's Terence Leong shares three steps insurers can take to foster an engaged and motivated workforce. 

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Articles November 2022
Moving from Aging to Aged Populations in Asia
Insurers must redesign protection products to cater to the needs of people at every stage of life. The right steps now can provide security and greater peace of mind for elderly consumers as well as sustainable business growth for insurers. Read More
Skin cancer inspection
Articles October 2022
More Than Skin Deep: A Global Overview
Of the 19.3 million new cancer cases worldwide in 2020, more than 1.5 million were due to both benign and malignant skin cancers of which 324,000 were malignant melanomas. An estimated 57,000 people died in 2020 from the disease.1 Read More
Falsified death claims
Articles October 2022
10 Tips for Assessing Life Insurance Claim Fraud in Unfamiliar Jurisdictions

Marjorie Corvalan, Senior Counsel in RGA’s Asian Pacific region, provides practical advice to help claims assessors detect fraudulent claims associated with falsified death.

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Lone worker working at computer terminal representing fraud risk
Articles August 2022
Insurance Fraud Trends: A Snapshot of Global Challenges
No market is free from insurance fraud, and its negative effects on both insurers and the policyholders they serve are universal. RGA's Marilda Kotze explores. 
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Articles July 2022
6 Claims Best Practices for Life Insurance Fraud Prevention
If you work in life insurance claims long enough, you see every kind of scam – from false identities and account takeovers to unauthorized beneficiary changes and fake deaths. RGA explores.  Read More
Articles June 2022
Five Areas of Medical Innovation in Critical Illness (CI)
No one is better at understanding critical illness (CI) than the physicians, actuaries, and analysts charged with defining it for critical illness policies. And, arguably, no job in insurance today is tougher. Explore five areas of rapid change are attracting the greate... Read More
Claims images collaged with COVID-19 images
Articles January 2022
Claims and COVID-19: RGA Global Survey Sheds Light on Short-Term Challenges and Longer Lasting Risks
From July to September 2021, RGA surveyed 61 major insurers around the world to find what 2020 COVID-19 claims experience may signal for the future. The results reveal a compelling story of swift industrywide adaptation, remarkable achievement – and continuing strain. F... Read More
Articles November 2021
Coverage over the Long-Haul: Managing Disability Claims for long COVID

To increase understanding of the ever-evolving condition that is known as “long COVID," RGA has launched a three-part toolkit t...

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Preventative care with elderly masked man visiting hospital
Articles October 2021
Healthcare Ripple Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic
The pandemic severely disrupted hospital services, particularly in the first half of 2020. As waiting lists for care have grown, RGA's Anna Currie wonders about morbidity and mortality impacts. She draws on major research by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPP... Read More