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Articles September 2015
Global Claims Views: Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia
Explore the impact of both assisted suicide and euthanasia on life claims and key considerations claims assessors need to take into account when managing claims involving assisted suicide and euthanasia. Read More
Articles June 2015
Global Claims Views: Rethinking Rehabilitation
This article seeks to unbundle the factors giving rise to, or perpetuating, the division between claims and rehabilitation professionals, who by the very nature of claims management should be close bedfellows.  Read More
Articles February 2015
Global Claims Views: Raising Claims Management Standards and a New Pathway for Disability Assessment
This article summarizes RGA's Claims Management Pathway (CMP), which assists in implementing change and raising disability claims management standards across the Australian industry
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Articles February 2015
Global Claims Views: Disability

Although most disability claimants accurately report their symptoms and limitations during an independent medical examination (IME) it is a fact of life that not all claimants are credible. For this reason, psychologists use a range of psychological tests to objectiv...

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Articles February 2015
Global Claims Views: Critical Illness

Malignant Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumours (GISTs) represent less than 1% of GI cancers. Hematogenous metastases from GIST most commonly involve the liver, omentum, and peritoneal cavity. Learn more about challenges associated with adjudicating these claims. 

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Articles February 2015
Global Claims Views - Foreign Death Claims
For most insurers, experience of death claims will be limited to their home or neighboring countries. When a death claim occurs in a foreign territory, assessors can confront many challenges. This article summarizes the Global Underwriting Manual proprietary Overseas De... Read More
Publications July 2014
Global Claims Views: Suicide - Global Insights and Insurance Analysis
RGA undertook to analyse suicide rates before and after the 2008 financial crisis. This article reveals our findings.  Read More
Articles November 2013
Global Claims Views: India - fraud detection tools

The fundamental principle of commission of insurance fraud tends to be the same – deliberate non-disclosure or misrepresentation of material information with the intention to obtain unauthorized benefits. How do we address this problem? 

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Articles November 2013
Global Claims Views: Australia - DSM5
The DSM is a prominent classificatory system for psychiatric disorders. It is used exclusively in countries such as Australia and the U.S. This story explores implications for insurers.  Read More
Articles November 2013
Global Claims Views: U.K. - The need for speed
RGA UK recently conducted a survey to determine the average time taken to settle claims. The survey looked at the length of time from claim notification until either a payment was made or the decline decision was communicated. These are the results.  Read More