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Articles June 2021
Global Claims Views: When Insurance and Medicine Collide – The Impact of Medical Advances on Critical Illness Definitions

Aligning Critical Illness definitions with clinical diagnoses is not an easy task, and the speed of medical advances can lead to difficulties applying CI definitions at claims stage. RGA's Marilda Kotze and Anne Casey explore some of the common challenges that this c...

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Articles February 2021
Global Claims Views: 20/20 Vision – Looking Back to Gain Future Insights into Claims

The pandemic forced insurers to adapt to rapid change; it also highlighted potential future opportunities. RGA's Belinda Thorpe offers six lessons from the crisis that claims teams can learn – and act on – to succeed in the future. 

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Articles February 2021
Global Claims Views: After the Storm, Long-Term Health Consequences of COVID-19

RGA's Marilda Kotze discusses the impairments most likely to result in a claim among COVID-19 survivors, as well as clinical presentation, functiona...

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Articles December 2020
Global Claims Views: Suicide Prevention Initiatives Update

The coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdown restrictions have had a corrosive effect on mental health around the world; insurers can be part of the solution, and in

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Articles September 2020
Global Claims Views: Claims Management Principles in the Evaluation of Disability for Post-COVID-19 Fatigue Claims

Reports are growing of COVID-19-related fatigue that lingers long after recovery. RGA's Marilda Kotze shares a practical step-by-step guide to disability claims assessment for these complex cases, from the initial adjudication to ongoing management. Specialists and a...

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Articles August 2020
Global Claims Views: COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 and the Impact on Disability - A Focus on Fatigue

Post-viral syndrome? While the long-term consequences of COVID-19 are yet to be determined, previously healthy individuals are reporting persistent and chronic fatigue after recovering from the virus. Dr. Paul Davis shares researchers' developing understanding of a w...

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Articles June 2020
Global Claims Views: Claims Adjudication in the Age of COVID-19
Could claims evolution be the right response to today's revolutionary change? RGA's Marilda Kotze identifies three simultaneous evolutions – across regulation, evidence gathering, and client engagement – that insurers should consider. 

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Articles June 2020
COVID-19 and Mental Health Claims: A Guide for Claims Case Managers
No one has been untouched by COVID-19. Forced isolation and fear of infection can leave profound social — and psychological — scars. RGA's Dr. Newman Harris explores the social and emotional dislocations caused by the pandemic and offers practical considerations for cla... Read More
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Articles May 2020
Covidomics: Perceptions, Purchases, and Pandemics
The novel COVID-19 pandemic shall pass, but consumer behaviors and adaptations may linger. What happens when novelty becomes the norm? A new survey in South Africa offers intriguing clues into factors that could influence how insurers seek to protect consumers in t... Read More
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Articles September 2019
Global Claims Views: Suicide and Claims Challenges
As claims professionals, we are frequently reminded of the stark reality of suicide. In our first article published in March 2019, “ Read More
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Articles September 2019
Global Claims Views: Suicide Prevention Initiatives
As claims professionals, we are frequently reminded of the stark reality of suicide. In “ Suicide Trends and Risk Fac... Read More
Research and White Papers April 2019
Technology in Claims – 2019 Global Claims Survey

RGA has conducted a global survey of technology use in claims, spanning 107 companies. To learn more about RGA's key findings, download the

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Articles March 2019
Global Claims Views: Suicide Trends and Risk Factors
Around 800,000 people commit suicide every year1 – one person every 40 seconds. Suicide has a profound impact on family and friends that are left behind following the unexpected death of a loved one. Explore risk factors. Read More
Articles December 2017
Defense Against the Dark Arts: A Claims Management View of Fraud
Claims examiners learned a few lessons from duels with dark wizards, as they are often at the frontlines of insurance fraud detection – and prevention. RGA draws lessons from the magical world of Harry Potter. 
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Articles June 2017
Chronic Pain and Best Practice Claims Management

RGA explores the complex nature of chronic pain claims. Questions or comments? Contact the author:

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Articles June 2017
Global Claims Views: Claims Management Challenges – Real or Imagined? A Changing World – The Next Ten Years
How will the claims function evolve over the coming decade? This article shares claim manager views of changing roles, technologies, processes and needs. As insurance markets grow and consolidate, speed and efficiency of claims assessment and management processes will b... Read More
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Articles January 2017
Global Claims Views: Claims management challenges – Real or Imagined? Internal Industry Pressures

Are life insurers worldwide facing increasing challenges in investigating and validating claims? RGA surveyed its claims managers about their thoughts and experiences. This whitepaper reveals internal pressures on claims practices, including;
• Product design and ...

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Claims analysts frantically climbing up ladders in illustration versus an individual sailing away
Articles December 2016
Global Claims Views: Claims Management Challenges – Real or Imagined? A Changing World – Environmental Factors
RGA undertook to survey its claims managers around the world, asking them to share their thoughts and experiences about current and developing changes and challenges in their markets. The results reveal a rapidly changing environment, driven by technological and medical... Read More
Articles March 2016
Global Claims Views: Tips for Clear Written Communications with Claimants

Explaining a claims decision, a specific policy clause or simply requesting additional information can create confusion and frustration for the claimant if not done clearly. Here are some simple suggestions. 

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Articles November 2015
Global Claims Views: Disability claims bias

In this Briefing Note, we look at the many traps that can adversely affect a disability claims assessor’s decision-making process, and how they can be identified, recognised and ultimately avoided. 

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