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Positioning for the "New Normal" : RGA's Global Life and Health Underwriting Survey

An underwriting transformation is gathering speed at large, multinational life and health insurers, with change becoming a “new normal.” That was the chief finding from a wide-ranging RGA survey from 2019, and the impact of COVID-19 seems likely to only reinforce these trends. Now, more than ever, consumers are demanding modernization, and those insurers demonstrate greater technical agility, increased consumer-centricity, more creative use of data, and greater cost efficiency are at an advantage. Learn more about RGA's survey findings, and contact us to explore the resources, solutions, and services available.

Global Health and Life UW Survey Infographic
Download "Global Health and Life Underwriting Survey Infographic"
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  • alternative evidence
  • automated underwriting
  • big data
  • composite score
  • composite scoring
  • customer experience
  • customer journey
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