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​ReFlections Winter 2009


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This issue of ReFlections discusses the epidemiological trends relating to obesity, as well as prostate cancer and PSA, viral hepatitis B and C, and MRSA. 

ReFlections is RGA’s underwriting newsletter, written by RGA experts. It presents underwriters and medical directors with timely, in-depth information to assist with underwriting. 

Download "ReFlections: Winter 2009"

The Authors

  • Dr. Carl Holowaty
    Senior Vice President
    Chief Medical Director (ret.)
  • Dr. Robert Coates
    M.D., DBIM, FLMI
    Vice President and Medical Director (former)

  • Dr. Oscar Cartaya
    Vice President and Medical Director (ret.)
Download "ReFlections: Winter 2009"
  • Hepatitis C
  • medical advances
  • medical innovation
  • mortality assumptions
  • mortality experience
  • mortality trends
  • prostate cancer
  • PSA
  • viral hepatitis C