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Mortality and Morbidity of COVID-19 Survivors

Mortality and morbidity trends among hospitalized COVID-19 survivors can shed vital light into the insurance implications of the pandemic. 

RGA's Dr. John Lefebre reviews recent research, exploring factors that may influence the relative mortality risk of hospitalized patients versus matched control groups, including older age, preexisting comorbidities, and socioeconomic status.

Dr. Lefebre also investigates factors that may contribute to long COVID or post-COVID syndrome among survivors, including the role of undiagnosed medical conditions and preexisting comorbidities in increasing the risk of both long COVID and related symptoms among hospitalized survivors. He explores differences between the general and insured populations in incidence and prevalence, and also explores the potential benefits of vaccination in reducing risk in morbidity among survivors.

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The Presenter

  • Dr. John J. Lefebre

    Vice President,
    Senior Global Technical Medical Director
    Global Medical


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