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Strengthen your bancassurance distribution channel with the power of partnership.

RGA has earned our reputation for excellence. We assist clients with optimizing models, products, distribution channels, pricing, predictive modeling, and underwriting.

Grow Sales

Bancassurance markets are variable and complex. Let RGA be your guide. Our advanced analytics give you a competitive advantage, helping you identify – and seize – cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

As an RGA partner, you can expect:

  • Unmatched market expertise. Our research and survey capabilities uncover underserved segments and inform truly novel product designs.
  • Access to an extensive innovation ecosystem, technology solutions, and advisory capabilities all designed to help you reimagine bancassurance distribution for a digitizing world. RGA’s global networks extend from traditional carriers to emerging insurtech and fintech entrants and the partners and portfolio companies of RGAX, the transformation engine of RGA.
Leverage the talent, resources, and insight of RGA’s 40+ years of innovation. 


Select Better Risks

Solutions from RGA are tailored to meet your bancassurance needs. We have the experience, expertise, and insight to help you make the most of your data – and we provide proprietary and industry sources to enrich your risk assessments.

Since 2007, RGA has conducted bancassurance surveys globally. We offer unique expertise as the world's leading facultative underwriter with one of the largest blocks in the life reinsurance industry.  The result is a deeper understanding of the customer – and a more customized, engaging, and effective customer journey.

Build customer loyalty and lifetime value through targeted bancassurance solutions.

Benefit from True Partnership

RGAs global bancassurance experts have one goal – to support you. RGA’s client focus is legendary: we don’t transact and leave; we build relationships that last. Our success is your success.

As an RGA bancassurance partner, you can expect:

  • Proactive solutions to address the toughest challenges. RGA combines primary market research insights and global best practices to answer questions you haven’t yet asked.
  • Access to experts with deep knowledge across the insurance value chain and extensive bancassurance experience.
  • Global perspective, drawing on the latest product designs and developments across the industry, and deep knowledge of local market practice.
  • Flexibility to adapt bancassurance solutions to each client’s unique need.
Confidently transfer mortality risk and assist clients with capital management through partnership with RGA.

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